Pit stop

The Sud Est Garage

you have fun on the motorbike, we'll take care of the rest

This space is dedicated to all those who live in the city and do not have a place to leave the enduro bike, to those who do not like to move with a cart.
Dedicated to those who cannot hold a screwdriver in their hand.
The Sud Est Garage offers all those services that are of assistance to those who practice enduro, storage, maintenance and laundry service.

  • What is missing ...
  • price quotation
  • The Sud Est wants to offer more, if we have forgotten something you can try to ask for it.
  • send a request
  • Transport
  • on estimate
  • Practical, if you want the bike at an event at a race, you can ask us to bring it.
  • ask the price
  • Laundry service
  • 20u.t.
  • Leave your bag here, we will take care of the washing of enduro clothing, helmet and boots.
  • Contact us
  • Motorcycle washing
  • 20u.t.
  • Have fun and when you're done, we'll take care of your motorcycle. Washing and greasing.
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  • Maintenece
  • 30p.h.
  • Entrust your motorcycle to a specialized workshop for small or large repairs, ordinary maintenance of oil and filter change, air filter, mechanical parts greasing, tire change.
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  • Motorcycle storage
  • 1per day
  • Your motorbike will be kept in our indoor space. The premises are covered by fire and theft insurance. You can come to retrieve your bike at any time.
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